Happy Staff = Happy Customers

What is employee engagement? How does it work and what does it do for your organization or business? This session examines what successful organizations must learn to keep staff motivated and retain the best staff. Discover the role performance management, rewards, and recognition play in workforce engagement.

 You will learn:

  • Key principles of effective performance management systems
  • Your coaching style and coaching techniques that come naturally to you
  • Best practices of coaching
  • How to handle poor, good and great performance
  • How to create employee engagement in your workplace
  • The role of rewards and recognition in employee engagement
  • Engagement Strategies: How to create a culture of recognition
  • Free ways to recognize your employees
  • How to motivate your employees with rewards that will drive results


  • Save money by avoiding low productivity and unnecessary turnover
  • Save time by learning the foundational tools, strategies & tips regarding
    employee engagement
  • Leave the session with tangible tools to start building a culture of engagement

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